The business idea of a pioneer - with the persistence to succeed.
BASWA acoustic is a young, dynamic company with an international presence. It was founded in 1991 by Hans "Jeannot" Sulzer.
From the beginning, the company's goal was to manufacture and market innovative acoustic products. As a tireless and determined entrepreneur and pioneer with a high technical instinct, Hans Sulzer invented and developed the BASWA acoustic system. It was clear to him from the start that BASWA would bring more efficient solutions to known problems in an innovative and unconventional way.
The beginnings of BASWA Hans Sulzer was an extremely innovative personality. Through his work, the small company developed steadily and successfully from the regional, then from the national to the international market. As a prudent entrepreneur, he transferred responsibility for the company's fortunes to a younger team in a smooth process. He exemplified what bravery, the courage to try new things, unconventionality and healthy restlessness mean. These characteristics attracted a lively team from the start, both specialists and career changers. Without large business plans or strategic superstructures, this team enthusiastically helped the company to achieve a breakthrough for its business idea. Hans "Jeannot" Sulzer died in the summer of 2015 and his legacy lives on in the company more than ever. BASWA technology is constantly being further developed and marketed worldwide - entirely in the spirit of its inventor. Today, sales are carried out through the company's own sales organizations as well as through independent partner companies. The partner network currently covers around 40 countries. BASWA surfaces are installed on six continents, in sizes from 5 m² to 25,000 m², sometimes even more. BASWA acoustic ceilings can be found in Swiss households, in the Federal Palace in Bern and in the White House in Washington, in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan or in Saudi Arabia. In international universities, in famous concert halls and renowned museums, in restaurants or offices all over Europe, Asia, the USA, Africa and Australia, in short all over the world.
The quality of BASWA products is confirmed by the fact that numerous internationally renowned architects choose BASWA products and work with the BASWA team to plan their projects.

The headquarters of BASWA acoustic AG is still in Baldegg, Switzerland. This is where new ideas for products, accessories, tools, marketing and sales are developed. The system components are produced in Switzerland and the USA.visit website