A&D membership for sample service

A&D membership for sample service

In the Interior Gallery we present the best selection of materials. We know from our own experience that many samples are stored for a long time and even thrown away, sometimes even unused.

This is anything but sustainable, which is why we have developed this new way of working with patterns. Together with our suppliers we have selected their "most wanted" samples; a good start for your presentation in our opinion. Mix up floor, stone, fabric, leather and metal surface patterns and create your own mood board. Make your selection online in our webshop or visit our interior gallery.

And this is how it works:

As an A&D member, we offer you the opportunity to make an appointment with your customer in our interior gallery, to use the interior gallery for a few hours to brainstorm with your customers and work with the samples.

We believe that this new work process will sensitize us all to the sustainable side of sampling, as the samples can also be used and reused for other projects. This way of working does not cost you anything and does not limit your creativity.

Of course, we are aware that you also need tailor-made solutions in projects, and here too we will help you find the right samples.
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