Van Den Weghe is known as a high-quality processor of marble and natural stone with a keen eye for luxury design. Aesthetics, innovation and quality prevail in our company.
The art of natural stone goes far beyond the quarry. You travel around the world to find the most inspiring material and to bring this noble, sophisticated, but beautiful material into bespoke projects or objects.
Driven by innovation, the company is dedicated to the symbiosis of technology, aesthetics and craftsmanship. Working closely with experienced architects and designers, they bring the fascination of luxurious stone to homes and companies around the world.
The objects are the result of the collaboration between Van Den Weghe and a selection of renowned architects, artists and designers. The characteristic objects are available in a limited edition in order to appreciate the value of the uniqueness.
For VanDenWeghe, architecture and design come first, which is why they want to pay tribute to natural stone and its various uses. The symbiosis of technology, art and craft is a constant endeavor.

A selection of VanDenWeghe products can be found in our sample shop